Height Markers for Height Chart ~ Victorian Hand Pointer

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These little decals are the perfect way to record heights on our height charts for the more OCD amongst us!

Made of a transparent vinyl, these stickers can be written on and then applied to your height chart, keeping things nice and neat.

You can choose from right pointing or left pointing hands, or purchase one of the multipacks.

Each sheet contains 8 stickers and each decal is 80mm l x 20mm h

Pack Sizes:

1. Single Sheet Left: 8 left pointing decals

2. Single Sheet Right: 8 right pointing decals

3. 1 x Left / 1 x Right: 8 left pointing decals & 8 right pointing decals

3. 2 x Left / 2 x Right: 16 left pointing decals & 16 right pointing decals